Drake Releases Two New Songs, ‘When To Say When’ and ‘Chicago Freestyle’

Rapper Drake surprised fans by leaking two new tracks: “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle.”

 Just a few weeks ago, Drake was seen outside of Jay-Z’s old stomping grounds — Marcy Projects in Brooklyn — while shooting scenes for “When to Say When.” In the song, Drake raps about his blessings that he shares with others, as well as his accomplishments and being grateful for his son and his mother. The tracks samples Jay-Z‘s “Song Cry” from 2001’s The Blueprint.

For “Chicago Freestyle,” Drake recruited London singer/songwriter Sampha for vocals on the track, which features the 6 God interpolating Eminem‘s pre-chorus on “Superman.”

“When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle” are both available now on Soundcloud. Watch the video for the tracks on YouTube at the link here.

Drake surprises fans with two new songs ‘When To Say When’ and ‘Chicago Freestyle’

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