Where To Listen

K-103.3 HD2 in digital on your Car, Home or Portable HD Radio

K-103.3 HD2 is broadcasted on 100,000 watts of digital sound on the HD channel, 103.3 HD2.  You must own a car, desk top or portable radio or receiver with HD technology in order to hear K-103.3 HD2.   You can experience K-103.3 HD2 within a 60 mile radius of Kansas City, Missouri.  HD Radio technology enables receivers to display song titles, album art, and station information so you get the true Artist Experience® with Program Info.

Find out where you can purchase a desk top HD Radio by clicking: Here

Find out what vehicles have HD Radio installed by clicking:  Here


K-103.3 HD2 streaming live on your K-103.3 HD2 Mobile App

Download the K-103.3 HD2 Mobile App at the Google Play or Itunes Store, and take us anywhere and everywhere you go!  Listen to Kansas City’s Home for the Greatest R&B Hits and more on your smart phone.  Get instant access to our unique content, features and more!

What’s in the K-103.3 HD2 app?

  • -Wake up to K-103.3 HD2 with our alarm clock
  • -Access K-103.3 HD2 weekly show schedules so you don’t miss a thing
  • -View the K-103.3 HD2 posts to Facebook and Twitter
  • -Real-time weather for where you are
  • -Instant access to k1033hd2.com
  • -Utilize the call studio and open mic features


K-103.3 HD2 streaming live on your Amazon Echo and Google Home

Listen to K-103.3 HD2 on your smart speaker devices, Amazon Echo and Google Home!

According to Inside Radio, 75% of the U.S. households will own a smart speaker device by 2020.

If you own an Amazon Echo Dot, Spot or Show, make sure to download the Amazon Alexa app, go to skills, search for K-103.3 HD2, enable the K-103.3 HD2 skill and start listening to us by saying, “Alexa, play K-103.3 HD2!”

If you own an Google Home, download the Google Home app, set up your account and start listening to us by saying, “Hey Google, play K-103.3 HD2!”


K-103.3 HD2 streaming live on your PC or Tablet

You can listen to K-103.3 HD2 at your home or work desk while using your PC or tablet, click “Listen Live” on www.k1033hd2.com and begin streaming Kansas City’s home for the Greatest R&B Hits and more!


K-103.3 HD2 streaming live on IHeart Radio Platform

Listen to K-103.3 HD2, Kansas City’s home for the Greatest R&B Hits and more, on the IHeart Radio platform.  Take K-103.3 HD2 anywhere and everywhere you go!